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UMW Reading Program


Calling all women…do you know about the UMW Reading Program?

The United Methodist Women (UMW) have a reading program that covers all aspects of Christian life. Every year new books are added to the reading list. In the library are two shelves with the books we have from the reading list. You can also find the reading list of books that are in the Merkel Library and the form for keeping track of what you read on the end of the bookcase. You can find the complete list of books on the, United Methodist Women website, or leave a message in the Merkel Library and we’ll make sure you receive one.

If you have questions on UMW or the UMW Reading Program you can contact Carole Ring,

Leadership Development

  1. Do Hard Things by Harris 248.8Har
  2. Falling into Place by Kauffman 277.3 Kau
  3. I Am Malala by Yousafzai 371.82 You
  4. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by Kamkwamba 621.453 Kam
  5. King Peggy by Bartels 809 Bar
  6. The Weight of Mercy by Richardson-Moore 920 Ric
  7. Why Women Should Rule the World by Meyers 973.929 Mye

Education For Mission

  1. Wherever the River Runs by Minter 248.4 Min
  2. Boundless by Bishop 261.2 Bis
  3. Because He lives by Guess 266.009 Gue
  4. Coffee, Tea and Holy Water by Hudson 270.8 Hud
  5. I Am Hutterite by Kirkby 289.7092 Kir
  6. The Underground Girls of Kabul by Norberg 305.30 Nor
  7. The Dressmaker of Khair Khana by Tzemach 958.1 Tze

Nurturing for Community

  1. Broken and Blessed by LaGrone 222.13 LaG
  2. Miss Brenda and The Loveladies by Spahn 259.509 Spa
  3. I Am Nujodd by Ali 306.87 Alil
  4. Please Look After Mom by Shin 306.87 Shi
  5. Money on Purpose by Lear 332.024 Lea
  6. House of Purple Cedar by Tingle 813.54 Tin
  7. by Shaw 813.6 Sha

Social Action

  1. Moral Ground by Moore 179 Moo
  2. One Simple Act by Macomber 241.4 Mac
  3. A hopeful Earth by Dyck 261.8 Dyc
  4. Class Lives by Collins 305.50 Col
  5. The Death of Josseline by Regan 305.9 Reg
  6. Pre-Post-Racial America by Jha 277.3 Jha
  7. Just Mercy by Stevenson 345 Ste
  8. The White Umbrella by Bowley 362.76 Bow
  9. Finding Higher Ground by Seidl 581.4 Sei
  10. An Invisible Thread by Schroff 974.7 Sch

Spiritual Growth

  1. Strong Was Her Faith by Kalas 220.9 Kas
  2. Laugh Your Way to Grace by Sparks 233.5 Spa
  3. When Christians Get It Wrong by Hamilton 239.7 Ham
  4. A Faithful Heart by Dyck 248.8 Dyc
  5. Permission to Speak Freely by Jackson 248.8 Jac
  6. The Call: Living Sacramentally, Walking Justly by McC 269 McC
  7. Wild in the Hollow by Haines 277.3 Hai
  8. Reluctant Pilgrim by Okoro 277.3 Oko
  9. My Life and Lesser Catastrophes by Schofield 277.3 Sch
  10. Tilly by smith 813.6 Smi