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Project Hope for the Homeless

This Valentine’s Day, consider making a donation to Project Hope for the Homeless by purchasing an ornament or donating critically needed items from their wishlist! Your gift of $43 covers the cost of an individual night stay at Project Hope (but you can donate any amount that you are comfortable with). Stop by the display in the Gallery to learn more and to see a beautiful Valentine’s Day tree!!

Current Wishlist:
Paper Towels
Bottled Water
Dish Soap
8-12oz Styrofoam Coffee Cups
Giant Eagle Gift Cards
Latex Gloves
16oz Disposable Bowls
Toilet Paper
Gas Cards: $15, $20, $25
Lunch Chips

Donations can be dropped off at Project Hope, Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Please call 440.354.6417 or visit their website for more.