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The Path of Discipleship

Everyone is on a path, a journey, the big question is “Where is your path leading you?

The mission of Mentor UMC is to lead all onto a path of discipleship, a path that leads to Christ and in the process equips you to KNOW, GROW, AND SHOW CHRIST’S LOVE. “The Path” is grounded in the practices of worship, small groups, community events, and serving others. These four areas give a vision of how God wants people to live together. The path is personal, actions like prayer and reading scripture can be intimate conversations with God. The path is also a journey with others; when we worship, study, and eat together we can experience Christ’s love.

This path is open to all and everyone comes into the path at different points in their life, so matter where you are in life, there is an offering for you on the path. Where are you right now, and where do want your path to lead? Depending on what stage you see yourself in right now and questions you are asking, look over the opportunities & offerings at each stage that will help your life go deeper…


Why am I here? Does my life have a greater purpose? Is there a God? Does God care about me?
Find out more about us on the website, Send an email to one of the pastors with your questions, ask a friend who goes to church some of your questions


Who is Christ? What is the Church? Why do people believe in God? Is faith an important part of my life?
Visit on a Sunday morning and come to worship, use a weekly “KNOW, GROW, and SHOW guide, meet others over coffee & snacks after Sunday worship, participate in a short-term (less than 10 weeks) discipleship offering, help serve at through the church in places like Project Hope


How do I follow Christ? What is a disciple? What does a disciple do? Am I ready to be a disciple of Christ?
If you want to be baptized or recommit your life to Christ contact one of the pastors, Sign up for “The Basic” when it is offered


Am I practicing my faith in Christ? Where can I learn more about practices like prayer, scripture reading, worship, etc.? Are my personal habits, choices, and lifestyle aligned with Christ’s message? Who is on the path with me?
Participate in a regular small group or long term (longer than 10 weeks) discipleship offering, commit to reading the bible daily, pray for someone once a week, give regularly, serve often, come to worship as much as you can.


God, what do you want to do with me? Where are my passions and my faith serving others? Where can I lead? How can I invite others to start on the path?
Go on an Emmaus walk and get connected with a “reunion group,” Contact one of the pastors and ask how you can help lead a ministry, participate in a ministry training like becoming a lay servant minister