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Preschool Testimonials


“MUMP is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. Both of my children, 5 & 7yrs old now, did their 3’s & 4’s programs, and loved them.  The teachers and assistants are wonderful, supportive and enthusiastic.  I felt safe knowing they were with them, and excited to see what they would learn next!”  ~Jennifer L.

“Our family has nothing but good things to say about this Preschool Program!
My son, who is now in 4th grade, attended pre-K at MUMP. In previous years, he attended two other schools. MUMP was by far our favorite. When it came time to enroll our daughter, we didn’t even bother checking out other schools!
The 3 year class was such a blessing for our daughter and our family. She learned SO MUCH and her behavior at home changed in a very positive way. She is now in 4 year class and enjoys her days at school tremendously. The teachers create such a warm environment and really let the kids develop their own personalities. It’s evident that they care for these kids like their own. We are forever grateful for MUMP for having such a positive impact on our kids and family!”  ~Lindsey J.

“Our three year old son attends MUM preschool and we are very pleased with the program. The teachers are fantastic with our son and take interest in the activities he likes to do inside and outside of school. They have taught him many skills he will use for a lifetime along with preparing him for his future school journey. MUM preschool is a great balance between academics, social skills, and emotional skills. Our son looks forward to going to school everyday and feels safe, comfortable, and loved. Thank you to everyone at MUMP for making our child’s first school experience such a positive one!!” ~Jen & Pat M.

“Our son is in the PreK class with Mrs. Judson and Mrs. O’Neill.  We have seen so much growth in him since the school year started.  I love how he loves going to school every day to learn about whatever unit is being covered that week (dinosaurs, space, etc.).  Mrs. Judson and Mrs. O’Neill have done an awesome job teaching him responsibility and helping to hone his social skills so that he will be prepared for Kindergarten in the fall.  They have an excitement for the kids and for the things that they teach. Putting him in the PreK class has been a great decision and we are so happy to see the fruits of the labor!” ~David & Meghan B.