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Typical Daily Schedule

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Typical Three Year Old Schedule
9:00-9:50     Free Play/Art Projects
9:50-9:55     Clean Up
9:55-10:10   Circle Time
10:10-10:20   Lav Break and Wash Hands
10:20-10:40   Snack
10:40-10:50   Story
10:50-11:10   Outside Play/Inside Play
11:10-11:15   Dismissal

Typical Four Year Old Schedule
9:00-9:45     Free Play (Painting at the easels, small group work, learning centers)
9:45-9:55     Clean Up
9:55-10:25   Circle Time (Circle routine including class jobs and unit of study activities)
10:25-10:40   Lav Break and Wash Hands
10:40-10:50   Snack
10:50-11:00   Story Time
11:00-11:15   Outside Play/Inside Play
11:15-11:30   Dismissal

Typical Pre-Kindergarten Old Schedule
9:00-9:55     Free Play/Computer/Small Groups
9:55-10:00   Clean Up
10:00-10:10   Circle Time & Helpers-Calendar, Flag, Weather
10:10-10:30   Outside Play/Inside Play or Extended Circle with Activities
10:30-10:40   Lav Break and Wash Hands
10:40-10:55   Snack          
10:55-11:15   Large Group Activities at Tables
11:15-11:25   Story Time at Circle Area
11:25-11:30   Large Motor Activity
11:30-12:00   Get Mail & Get Ready to Go
12:00         Dismissal