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The following items have been added to the library:


Women of Faith: Joy Filled Life
Heroes of Faith series - 16 dvds


The Person I Marry by Bower
Bible Storybook by Walsh
Faith, Hope, Love Devotional by Parker
Where Do I Find Jesus? by Walsh
God Always Loves You by Laird
Why Am I Here? by Orbeck-Nilssen
When God Made You by Turner
Corrie ten Boom by Radcliff


101 Tips For Marrying the Right Person by Morse


An Invisible Thread by Schroff
Who’s Who in the Bible by Jordan
Be the Miracle by Brett.
Anything by Allen
It’s Good to be Queen by Higgs
Illuminated Prayers by Williamson
Meeting God in Quiet Places by Smith
The Story of Everything by Wilson
A Path Revealed by Maddux
The Women of Easter by Higgs
Miss Brenda and the Loveladies by Spahn
Wild in the Hollow by Haines
Wherever the River Runs by Minter
Broken and Blessed by LaGrone
Come Rain or Come Shine by Karon
The Dark Has It’s Own Light by Dowell
The Divide by Petersheim
Letting Go by Harvey
Money on Purpose by Lear
Worry Less by Rubietta
Falling Into Place by Kauffman
Pre-Post-Racial America by Jha
Boundless by Bishop
Class Lives by Collins