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Confirmation 2023-2024

Students who are old enough to understand the teachings of the Church and decide for themselves whether to claim these beliefs as their own are invited to participate in confirmation. Those who have been baptized will be confirming that the vows taken on their behalf are now vows they choose to live by. For those not baptized, it is an opportunity to learn, choose baptism and confirm that they are choosing to live a Christian life.
Through discussion, videos, group projects, and more we will explore what faith means, why the Church exists, who Jesus is, and why it is important for you! Upon successful completion, confirmands will have the opportunity for membership at Mentor UMC.

Students in grades 8-12.

Cost is $50 per student to cover class materials and Bible that will be presented at orientation. An additional fee of approximately $50 for the retreat will be due in January. ***Scholarships are available.

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