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Washington DC Trip

Fieldtrip to Washington D.C.
December 3 – 5
You are invited to join Pastor Steve, his wife Rev. Cara, Pastor Ivy and Pastor Tammy along with others from Member UMC on a field trip to Washington DC.
We will leave Mentor UMC at 3:30 on Sunday, December 3 traveling in rented 15-passenger van(s).

We will visit the National African American History museum on Monday and on Tuesday, we will attend chapel service and lunch at Wesley Theological Seminary for the celebration of the installation of Artist Catherine Kapikian’s De Vinci’s Last Supper.

Catherine Kapikian was Pastor Steve’s Professor of Art and Spirituality at Wesley Theological Seminary.  She is a renowned artist who has worked with many churches to transform the space and the community.  Watch her short video about her latest work – De Vinci’s Last Supper:
Visit Catherine’s website to see pictures of her works around the nation

Thanks to GEM for covering the cost of transportation!

Each participant is responsible for their own cost of food and two nights lodging.

We will depart Wesley Theological Seminary on Tuesday afternoon by 3:30 pm and return to Mentor UMC approximately by 10:00 pm.

More information can be found HERE.

If you have questions, please contact Pastor Steve
To register, please click here.