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Local Missions

Hope Chest

Hope Chest of Lake County

Hope Chest thanks everyone who celebrated our 50th anniversary this summer.  We reconnected with old friends, and met new friends, donors and clients.  Our shelves were full—for a few weeks. 

Hope Chest has a list of winter “needs”. These items may be new or slightly used.  Towels, blankets or bedding, dishes, small kitchen and household items are needed.

Seasonal clothes in all sizes, including coats, sweatpants, hoodies and adult gloves are hard to keep supplied at this time of year.  Monetary donations allow us continue our mission to purchase new sneakers, socks and underwear for school children.

Donations may be mailed or brought to Hope Chest, 1 Victoria Place, Suite 321, Painesville, OH 44077 Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am-1:00 pm, or left inside our brown bin located on the building’s dock off of South St. Clair Street. Visit our website at or email us at with questions.  Hope to see you soon, we will be around for the next 50 years, helping folks in Lake County, thanks to you. Hope Chest Website

Joseph Ministry

Providing year-round home repair assistance to local residents in need of a helping hand. Find out how you can get help or give help. Read More

Project Hope for the Homeless

Find out about Lake County’s only homeless shelter, their new Families Moving Forward program, and how you can help support this important ministry. Read More

The Homeless shelter of Lake County, located at 25 Freedom Rd. Painesville, relies on volunteers to provide a meal each night for 40 individuals and drop it off at the shelter by 6:45 p.m. Mentor UMC coordinated the first Wednesday of each month and you can help!  Contact Nancy Leyden at 255-1567 and she will help to plug you into a group.


Kairos Prison Ministry

This is the ministry that uses your home baked cookies to reach prison inmates for God! 
Praise report for 2017: $376 was collected and will go to Kairos as ‘Meal Tickets’.  Meal ticket stubs are signed by the donors (first name and city) and are placed next to the lunch and dinner plates of the inmates so that they realize people outside of the team care for them as well; the money goes towards food and supplies expenses.  On another high note, 381 dozen cookies were collected!  Last year we collected 284 dozen, so the church set a pretty high bar this year.  God is good.

Lake County Community Network

LCCN helps needy families and individuals in Lake County, Ohio.
We help with public assistance, provide emergency assistance when other
agencies can not, and facilitate communication with churches to help
the community. We keep client records confidential.  Click here to visit their website.

More Than a Meal


During your journey in 2018 when will you be the hands, the feet, the smile of Jesus Christ?
This is a great opportunity for Journey groups, Committees and families to give back.  Opportunities are available for MORE THAN A MEAL.
Groups of 4 or more individuals who may not be culinarily versed may sponsor an upcoming meal.
Will you be the light in someone’s darkness?
Sponsor a meal, plan and prepare a meal, serve during the dinner, visit with our guests or
help with set up and clean up.  Just a few ways you may become involved.
For more information you may call or text Jim Post at 440-477-6130.

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8


Royal Family Kids Camp

Royal Family KIDS is the nation’s leading network of camps and mentor clubs for children of abuse, abandonment and neglect.  Click here to check out their website.

Woodlawn Homes

Woodlawn Tutoring Program

National Missions


MUMC Youth have been giving time over the summer to serve others through disaster and poverty relief for over 40 years.

Our annual Youth Service Project (YSP) is a week of service to homeowners who need repairs done on their homes. With guidance from experienced adults, you will be amazed at what you can do!!! We make sure to have some awesome adventures along the way so we can experience the area we are traveling to. It’s a week unlike any other, and it’s a fun way to give back just a little. Click here to learn more about YSP.

McCurdy School

McCurdy Ministries extends God’s love, grace and help to children, youth and families in Española through quality educational and life enrichment programs which instill hope and allow them to live into the future God has for them.  Click here to visit the McCurdy website. An UMVIM team from Mentor UMC and other churches visited McCurdy in the Fall of 2015.  Read their report HERE.

Flatrock Homes

Flat Rock Homes is one of our United Methodist agencies in Northeast Ohio that seeks to provide outstanding services which transform lives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and persons with critical needs through a dedication to caring and excellence that demonstrates Christian values. Mentor UMC helps to support this ministry with Easter offerings and mission giving.  A trip to Flat Rock, Ohio will be happening soon! 

To learn more:

International Missions

UMVIM Training Handbook

3Cs - Churches, Clinics, and Classrooms

Learn more about the missions ministry of 3Cs through the United Methodist Church. Read More

Camphor Corner

The 3Cs Mission is a grassroots ministry of the East Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church. Through relationships we are involved in clinics, classrooms and churches in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Russia, and Zimbabwe. Exciting UMVIM 3Cs Trips are being planned now. Read More

Camphor Mission Station - Liberia

Camphor Mission Station 2015 UMVIM Teams Camphor Mission Station 2016 UMVIM Teams Groups are being formed for travel to Liberia in 2016.  Kathy is leading a team March 24-April 7, 2016.  Please contact Kathy Dickriede if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to go and serve.

Visit the “Support Camphor Mission” fundraising web store to purchase products that help support the mission.

100% of the net proceeds from products purchased from this store, will be donated to Camphor Mission. • T-shirts • Tote bags/school bags • Cinch bags • With more products to be added!

Click *HERE* to visit the Camphor Mission Store!

Partners in Overseas Missions

Meet missionaries to Hungary: Mark and Eszti Landerholm

Mark will be preaching on Sunday, January 3rd in iConnect about the work they have been a part of in Hungary with the Syrian refugee crisis.

Update from Mark & Eszti Landerholm in Hungary: Oct. 2015

“And alas for women who are pregnant and for those who are nursing infants in those days!” (Mark 13:17).

These difficult words of Jesus echoed in my head as I stood in a refugee camp in Croatia watching pregnant women and nursing mothers come into the camp one after another. I thought of Eszti (my wife) and Samuel (my 13-month old son) and imagined having to decide that it was in their best interest to leave our home and everything we had behind and put them on a raft for a highly perilous sea crossing. And then to make them walk across unknown and often unfriendly countries to settle in a country that doesn’t want us. I cannot fathom the difficulties and fears that such a journey would entail, yet I have encountered thousands who were on such a journey. Thousands who have no homes, no beds, no ability to provide for their children.

These mothers have stuck with me as have these words of Jesus, and they have shed light on one another. I always looked at these words of Jesus as simply be practical: being pregnant or having a nursing baby would make fleeing much more difficult (Jesus spoke these words about fleeing Jerusalem before it was destroyed). However, these mothers had conquered great dangers and difficulties; they had successfully fled with their nursing babies—some had even given birth during their journey (we had a 13-day old baby arrive in camp one night). Yet, in their eyes I saw desperation: a fear of how they were going to provide nourishment, warmth, life to their little ones, a despair as to whether or not they could be the mothers these children that they love more than life itself need. And in them I saw that the extreme evilness that humanity is able to perpetrate can pervert even life’s greatest blessings. Jesus’ words say to me that to have children in the midst of extremely evil days is equivalent to a mother (or father) having their heart ripped out and stomped on. This is what I saw mothers and fathers experiencing as they feared for the provision, future, and life of their children. And my heart ached and continues to ache.

However, the fear and despair were not the only thing I saw in their eyes; I saw HOPE! As I handed them and their children apples, a spark of life came into their faces; they had reason to believe they could go on, reason to believe their children’s needs would be met, reason to believe the future might be brighter than the past.

We want to thank you at Mentor UMC for your generosity in responding to the refugee crisis. Your gifts have contributed to this hope. You have helped apples, bananas, granola bars, juice boxes, blankets, winter jackets, shoes, baby carriers, winter hats, gloves, etc. be purchased. You have helped to enable lunch bags to be made and distributed to the migrants for their journey. You have helped the love of Christ reach these desperate people, and because of that love the hope is conquering the despair.

While our interactions as they enter Europe are few and brief, we strongly believe that how we receive these desperate people—the majority of whom have never encountered the Gospel of Jesus—will make a huge impact in both how they integrate into life in Europe and how they respond to the Gospel. We are excited at hearing news that many in Germany are coming to Christ, and have been encouraged to have the opportunity to look at scripture together with a group of refugees that have settled here in Hungary. Responding with the love of Jesus isn’t to be manipulative or conditional, but His love always moves us to point to the ultimate hope and life in Him.

I want to close with some other words of Jesus. “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. . . Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me” (Matthew 25:35-36,40).

Mark on behalf of Mark, Eszti, and Samuel Landerholm